Azerbaijan’s Implicit Aggression: What Has Khachaturov Prevented?


Bellingcat informed that the Azerbaijani border guard troops have occupied several positions into the Georgian territory. Military experts say the Azerbaijani border troops are equipped like the land force.

According to the international investigative platform, one of the positions had a dominant position over Armenia but later in the result of the actions of the Armenian armed forces this dominant position was neutralized because the Armenian forces occupied more dominant positions. The resource did not inform in which territory they were.

However, most probably the point is not about the territory of Georgia. A few weeks ago information came that the Armenian armed forces occupied new positions in the northeastern direction and established dominance in this region, neutralizing several opportunities for the Azerbaijani armed forces.

Weeks later Grigoriy Khachaturov became a general who was, according to the press, the commander of that operation. In one of his recent lives on Facebook Nikol Pashinyan commented on Khachaturov’s title in a different content but said that he thereby appreciated Grigoriy Khachaturov’s service.

In fact, the Armenian armed forces neutralized the Azerbaijani threat to Armenia but several essential issues remain, in the aspects of both regional security and political military prospects.

The questions are quite many, including whether Azerbaijan could have advanced into the territory of Georgia with the silent connivance of official Tbilisi?

Of course, this would mean a hostile act against Armenia while Armenia is, perhaps, the only natural ally to Georgia in the region. In this sense, the response of official Tbilisi in the current situation is important indeed.

At the same time, it is worthwhile to mention another interesting circumstance. Months ago Baku announced that they were withdrawing land force from the border and stationing border guards instead. The military experts described this action as imitation, reporting that Baku’s border troops are not inferior to the land force in technical military terms so Azerbaijan’s step is propaganda rather, as if demonstrating a commitment to peace.

In fact, the development in the Georgian direction confirmed that Azerbaijan’s step was imitation. However, this may not be the whole. The question occurs whether Azerbaijan has increased the number of border guards in this area to facilitate a silent action of capturing the Georgian territory with this propagandist-technical coverup. This action would require Baku more border guard resources and with this so-called replacement Baku has created basis for increasing the resource of border troops, as if with the peacekeeing purpose of replacing the land force with border guard troops.

Have these questions been discussed between Yerevan and Tbilisi? It would be strange if they hadn’t. On the other hand, it is clear that these questions should not get a loud discussion, especially that another goal of Baku’s is to torpedo the Armenian-Georgian relations, which should not be allowed in any case.

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