Robert Kocharyan Complained to Moscow: Situation Is Grave


“We witness global changes in global politics when the indisputable leadership of the United States is questioned by global players,” the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan told his vision on geopolitics in his commentary developed on the occasion of the questions asked by Sputnik Armenia, a Russian state-run agency. He started the narrative with a statement on the leadership of the United States, also noting that such a circumstance is usually accompanied by uncertainty and instability, as well as big and small wars.

Robert Kocharyan considers this situation a new challenge for Armenia and Artsakh, concluding that the Armenian government is not ready for bad scenarios when the new reality does not leave an alternative to a close cooperation with Russia.

The geopolitical doctrine of the second president ends with an interesting statement. He says he has solutions to offer but he does not speak about them because he thinks security solutions are the function of the government and he thinks it is meaningless to prompt the government.

In fact, Robert Kocharyan’s approach, as well as his geopolitical analysis, has a much more simple motivation.

The geopolitical analysis by the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan is rather a denouncement of Serzh Sargsyan who met with the American ambassador in the Armenian Republican Party’s office and agreed on regular meetings.

Robert Kocharyan responds to this meeting, drawing Russia’s attention to it and trying once again to communicate to the Russian government his tradition signal that the revolution in Armenia was carried out by the United States against Russia. The second president and his team, as well as the circle of his Russian partners and colleagues, have been sending this signal to the Russian government for over a year, since the charges and arrest of Robert Kocharyan.

The second president has openly expressed his doubts about the second president. The freshest example is the statement by the former defense minister Seiran Ohanyan during the discussion of the motion for releasing the second president on bail at the Court of General Jurisdiction. The former minister said the March 1 case is the case of the three presidents, and Robert Kocharyan does not have equal opportunities compared with the other two.

Robert Kocharyan and his team are not shy to target Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his team directly but due to some reasons they do not have a possibility to target Serzh Sargsyan and express their doubts and questions about him between the lines, unlike the period when Serzh Sargsyan was president, when the same team used to target Sargsyan openly, including in the framework of the geopolitical “logic”.

The note of the second president indicates that his questions and views get only moral support from the political leadership of Russia and Kocharyan, expressing concern about Armenia and Artsakh, practically expresses concerns about his own destiny and the lack of care from the side of Russia.

Otherwise, if guided by concerns about Armenia and Artsakh, Robert Kocharyan would not hesitate to suggest specific solutions for the raised issues and would highlight this in his note rather than pointing at Nikol Pashinyan and offering some “geopolitical gossip” against Serzh Sargsyan between the lines.

However, the second president does not speak about solutions not because it may turn out that the new government is doing even more towards the partnership with Russia but because the second president is waiting for a political response from Russia to “construct” his solutions accordingly.

The note of the second president actually reflected his own complicated situation, first of all in human terms. Apparently, his next note should be addressed to Pekin as soon as it becomes clear that at the end of the day the Kremlin does not care about Robert Kocharyan’s solutions and his personal problems are a means or a tool for Russia to address a series of issues and for some circles these problems are a means of solving their personal problems.

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