Second Mobile Operator Will Appear in Artsakh in 2020


Starting from 2020, the second mobile operator will appear in Artsakh, the foreign minister of Artsakh Masis Mayilyan informed.

“In 2020 the monopoly in the sector of telecommunication will end, and we will have the second operator. The meetings and consultations in the past few months allow us to announce confidently that in 2020 the second operator will come to Artsakh. There are investors and experienced professionals for this program. Opportunities have arisen to resolve the issue related to the monopoly in telecommunication,” the minister of foreign affairs said.

Competition will cause prices to go down, and 4G/LTE communication will become available. New jobs will be created, and at last there will be protected communication in the border are, and the roaming between Artsakh and Armenia will be eliminated, the minister wrote.

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