Icy Molotov Cocktail at Prime Minister Pashinyan’s Meeting with Russian Journalists


The representatives of leading Russian media visiting Armenia met with their colleagues and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. During the meetings they brought up the topic of Garegin Nzhdeh and even asked how Armenia is going to handle this.

It has been a long time this topic became one of the directions of the campaign against Armenia, within the framework of the serious ideological crisis of sacralization of World War II in Russia. Moscow passed the topic to the government of Baku which is also facing a crisis and deadlock, particularly with regard to the Artsakh issue. Moreover, the government of Baku has “expanded” it towards Zangezour, considering the association of Nzhdeh with this region and announcing that Zangezour is what divides the Turkic world.

Moscow and Baku have made a big mistake, and the Armenian side should and can use this to address its national issues. This is a complicated and multi-layer issue but possible in the framework of actualization of the issue of the Russian-Turkish treaties signed in 1921.

In the meantime, during the meeting with the Russian journalists Nikol Pashinyan made several important statements.

“Honestly, I thought that this issue with Azerbaijan is on our agenda because the first time I came across this issue was during the CIS summit in Ashgabat. It gives me a surprise that this issue is also present on the agenda of our relations with Russia.”

“It is said repetitively that, for example, Nzhdeh had connections with the representatives of the Third Reich. Molotov (the foreign minister of USSR in 1939-1949) also had contacts with the representatives of the Third Reich. In this case, let us set up a joint commission and study everything. Has anyone in Russia condemned this? And why not? If we want to start, then let’s start with Molotov. What did he say, why, what did he agree on, why did he agree?

And was Stalin informed about the subject of the arrangement? We do not ask a question as to who is Nzhdeh. Did he talk to Nazis? It is possible that he did. Molotov also talked, so did Stalin,” the prime minister said.

Stalin, Ribbentrop, Molotov

Moreover, not only did they talk but also they were allies. World War II started from that “conversation between the Nazi and Soviet leaders and earlier the Soviet Union had had an essential role in the creation of the Nazi army, supplying raw materials, equipment, wheat, moreover, trained thousands of German pilots and other military personnel. Furthermore, the Nazi and Soviet armies had a joint military parade, exchanged practices and so on. By the way, the last Soviet train supplying Germany with food and metal crossed the border on 21 June 1941, the day before the war between the USSR and Germany began.

Soviet and Nazi military together

World War II started with this alliance. During Yeltsin’s tenure Moscow condemned the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, during Putin’s tenure it was declared as the brilliant achievement of the Russian diplomacy. In other words, cooperation with the Nazis was commended. Provided the aforementioned, questions about Nzhdeh are simply ridiculous.

It is clear that the problem is not Nzhdeh but in choosing the next campaign against Armenia Moscow made a big mistake, thus giving the Armenians the trump card of the anti-Armenian Russian-Turkish agreements of 1921. Will the Armenian “political minds” and media find time to deal with this between minor daily tasks?

Nikol Pashinyan picked up this trump card with an exceptional positioning. It is time to open the Lenin-Ataturk pact which was the “prelude” to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and especially the confidential records of the Russian-Turkish agreements of 1921.

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