Situation with Constitutional Court Requires Non-standard Solution: My Step Alliance


There is very low public confidence in the judicial system, said MP Hovhannes Hovhannisyan of My Step Alliance at the briefing in parliament. He said the demand for judicial reforms has been repetitively raised by the citizens since the parliamentary election.

“The recent polls also show that there is a very low confidence in both the Constitutional Court and the courts in general. Consequently, the existing problem, bring a non-standard problem, leads to non-standard solutions. We must pursue those solutions to justify the people’s vote,” Hovhanisyan said, commenting on the draft bill approved by the government and submitted to the National Assembly recently, Armenpress informed.

According to this bill, the judges of the Constitutional Court will retain all social guarantees after early retirement. If they retire by 31 January 2020, their pension will be equal to their salary at the moment of the resignation.

Member of Parliament Suren Grigoryan, My Step alliance, disagrees to the opinion that it is a burden for the public treasury and there are corruption risks.

“The situation relating to the Constitutional Court is non-standard so the reforms emanating from them should be non-standard. Definitions like “corruption”, “bribery” are groundless because had these been the case, the international organizations would have reacted. Moreover, the Venice Commission would hardly have given a positive response,” Suren Grigoryan said.

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