Serzh Sargsyan’s Sincere Confession: As Long As He Is There


Serzh Sargsyan’s speech at the EPP congress was sincere. Of course it would be exaggerated to say that his sincerity was complete, comprehensive but was noticeable. Serzh Sargsyan claimed responsible for the revolution in Armenia and, in fact, announced that he is ready to act to cover the mistakes, shortcomings, misses and deviations of the revolution, cover with himself.

In other words, Serzh Sargsyan comes forth to cover the barrels of guns targeting the revolution.

Because, the more active Serzh Sargsyan is in politics, the more he will polarize the situation. He actually states at the EPP congress that Nikol is making mistakes and he is ready to correct them. Sargsyan is actually telling Europe that as long as he is there, there will be the revolution despite its mistakes. However, as soon as he is not there, the mistakes may become fatal. “And now I am here to stand up for the trust and expectations that thousands of people had during the change of government,” he said.

Of course, it is possible that for Sargsyan this was merely a so-called political deal that he offers to Europe to secure his own security. For example, unlike the second president, and maybe also knowing his negative experience, the third president prefers building his security beforehand to avoid further complications. And unlike Robert Kocharyan he looks at Europe, not Putin.

Will Europe receive Serzh Sargsyan, like actually the United States received him, at least at the level of the American ambassador? Interestingly, before leaving for the EPP congress Serzh Sargsyan secured himself internally and answered the rumors about his contacts with Nikol Pashinyan. His office announced that he has never had any contacts before or after the revolution.

The question is that the system of political interests is often perceived in a primitive way, in the form of a verbal deal. In reality, however, the success of the revolution is in Serzh Sargsyan’s interests, at least because in this case the public demand for his “head” will be possibly smaller, and everyone will be happy with Robert Kocharyan.

Only Robert Kocharyan will not be happy but Serzh Sargsyan is clear because in 2014, speaking about the constitutional reform, he offered to leave together but the offer was declined. Of course, it is another issue whether Robert Kocharyan was sure that the deal with Serzh Sargsyan was uncertain.

Will Europe make a deal with Serzh Sargsyan over the revolution? As a guarantee, Sargsyan referred to the comprehensive agreement signed during his term. At the same time, Europe certainly remembers the association agreement that was not signed. However, Serzh Sargsyan had obviously foreseen this, stating that he is responsible too but simply placed regional peace and security over many other issues.

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