Details of Visit of Armenian Journalists to Baku


On November 17-21 the Armenian and Azerbaijani reporters visited Baku, Yerevan and Stepanakert.

Artyom Yerkanyan, the commentator of Shant TV, Davit Alaverdyan, Chief Editor of Mediamax, and Edgar Elbakyan, commentator of Artsakh Public Television, visited Baku.

From the Azerbaijani side Elchin Valiyev of, Elshan Rustamov ( and Orhan Elchuyev, Vestnik Kavkaza, visited Yerevan and Stepanakert.

The program was prepared and brought into being with the coordination of the OSCE CiO’s personal representative. Yerkanyan told on Shant TV that the mutual visits took place in the framework of the agreement reached between the heads of state of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

After the visits the journalists made posts on their visits. The Armenian journalists visited Baku, Ghuba, Ganca. Artyom Yerkanyan said on Shant that Edgar Elbakyan left for Baku as a representative of Artsakh Public Television and the visits of Azerbaijani journalists in Stepanakert were coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh, which is unprecedented.

Elbakyan informed on his Facebook that before leaving they signed a document acknowledging that the office of the personal representative of the OSCE CiO is not responsible for the security of the participants and the sides will ensure security.

During the visit we went to Baku, Ghuba and Ganca, met with representatives of the press and the public sector, went to different sights and interesting places, Edgar Elbakyan writes. He was impressed by the return trip from Baku to Ganca by train and from Ghazakh to the Georgian border by car. The visit gave huge material for anthropological and ethnographic study and just for cognition, he says.

The reporter of published selfies in Karvachar and Shushi and at the Blue Mosque in Yerevan.

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