Strange Exchange: What Have Azerbaijani Journalists Done in Artsakh?


The world’s strangest “exchange of journalists” took place. Armenian journalists whose names are not published visited Baku while Azerbaijani journalists, according to our information, have visited Artsakh. Their names are not mentioned either. Apparently, to protect them from possible risks in Baku.

This activity which was to be an indicator of readiness for contacts and confidence between the Armenian and Azerbaijani publics is evidence that the sides will not be able to get close to the line of “confidence” for a long time.

The “confidentiality” of this humanitarian action, equal to that of military actions, seems absurd. It screams about the zero chance for a settlement of the conflict.

The president of Azerbaijan who is implementing brilliant actions towards neutralizing his own opposition has cornered himself when it comes to the Karabakh issue. An anti-Armenian campaign lasting for 16 years has tied Aliyev’s hands so tight that he would not even dare to confess to his own public that he had agreed to send reporters to Stepanakert.

Aliyev is in misery indeed. What have the Azerbaijani journalists done in the capital of Artsakh? Did Aliyev hope to agree to the “exchange of journalists” for a “bonus” of retrieving his two saboteurs from the prison of Shushi? In vain because while the Azerbaijani journalists were walking in Stepanakert, a statement on Baku’s responsibility for crimes and the atrocities of the saboteurs in Artsakh was circulated in the UN.

The “exchange” is over. What are the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan going to talk at the OSCE Ministerial Assembly in early December?

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