No Need to Treat Armenians So: Russian Ambassador Criticized Moscow


These matters are very subtle. We can see that attempts are made to edit history in a political and international context, to reinterpret what happened, the Russian Ambassador in Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin stated, commenting on the topic of Nzhdeh. He said this is part of our joint history.

It is not fully clear from Ambassador Kopyrkin’s statement who is trying to redefine history. At the same time, Russia currently refers to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact that caused World War II and the Patriotic War as an achievement of the Russian diplomacy. It should be noted that during Yeltsin’s term this pact was officially condemned. In other words, a reinterpretation of history and justification of this act is observed in Russia.

In this context, Ambassador Kopyrkin’s words can be perceived as a reproach to his country’s MFA and its spokesperson Maria Zakharova who had brought up the topic of Nzhdeh and which was further elaborated by Aliyev, repeating Russian theses.

This is Kopyrkin’s second criticism against Moscow. During the round table on the role of CSTO in regional security held in Yerevan on November 4 he said that questions occur about solidarity in CSTO in the context of relations of Azerbaijan with some member states. In other words, one of the causes of problems in CSTO is this solidarity with Azerbaijan against Armenia, which is a CSTO member state.

Upon his appointment to Armenia Ambassador Kopyrkin announced about soft power policy in Armenia. However, the Russian side seems uncapable of such policy, and everything ends up in tough methods and actions. And not only does this produce the opposite effect but also actualizes different problems relating to political matters, such as the 1921 Russian-Turkish treaty under which the Armenian territories were given to Turkey and the Caspian Turks.

An experienced diplomat, Ambassador Kopyrkin sees the problems relating to our common history and has to respond to them.

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