Poor Masha, What Will She Say About Monument in Baku?


In her regular briefing Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, refused to answer the question of Regnum News Agency about Garegin Nzhdeh and the devoted Azerbaijani Hitlerian Mammed Rusulzadeh. While she formerly spoke about Nzhdeh and even Moscow demanded to pull down the monument of Nzhdeh in Yerevan, this time she avoided answering the question. Was this because the question was not only about Nzhdeh but also Rusulzadeh who is a national hero in Baku?

In 2014 Baku celebrated the 130thbirthday of Rusulzadeh who, unlike Nzhdeh and the Armenian legion, was personally liked by Hitler because his legion participated in the massacres of the Russians, Jews, Belarusians and other peoples. He is buried in Turkey, Baku is considering a huge monument to him.

While the Armenian legion counted 10,000-12,000 people, the Azerbaijani legion counted about 70,000 according to different sources.

According to the Azerbaijani media, Maria Zakharova not only did not answer the question about Rusulzadeh but also defended him, describing Regnum’s question as a provocation. Regnum has not reported anything about this and it is possible that the Azerbaijani media distorted Zakharova’s words pronounced during the briefing. But this is already Zakharova’s problem.

In the meantime, the problem will get more serious when the monument is put up in Baku. Will Zakharova or any other representative of official Moscow demand to dismantle it or not to put it up at all?

The problem is that the raising of Nzhdeh’s topic produced the opposite effect, actualizing the issue of the Russian-Turkish treaty of 1921, its secret protocols on the Armenians and the status quo in Artsakh. In this context, the recognition of the Armenian genocide in the U.S. Congress happens which places Moscow in an ambiguous situation.

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