A Secret Plan and a Treaty That’s Obviously Against Armenia


The leak about the plan of the Turkish general staff to attack Armenia which Abdullah Bozkurt of Nordic Monitor published a few days ago was a reason to recall information relating to the war in Artsakh about which Davit Shahnazaryan used to speak publicly quite often.

According to what is said, when in 1992 Turkey was considering a military action against Armenia to support Azerbaijan, a very high-ranking official in the United States warned Ankara that they may have to deal with the Russians in that case. What if we make a deal with the Russians, Turkey asked. In that case, you will have to deal with us, Washington answered.

Will Davit Shahnazaryan continue to tell this story now, considering his political posturing since the revolution?

The point is that the leak on the secret Turkish plan once again highlights the circumstance of the military “irreplaceability” of Russia for Armenia which is, in fact, dismissed by the 1992 story.

The notion of “irreplaceability” blocks the possibility of deep discussions on geopolitical, regional political and military issues and the role and place of Armenia in them. This is what is expected by the forces or subjects which currently have one main goal – to maintain the regional system of security which is based on the 1921 Russian-Turkish treaty. And this treaty neutralizes Armenia as a subject.

We are speaking about a secret plan of attack when there is an agreement on neutralizing Armenia which is not effective but has bilateral Russian-Turkish recognition.

Armenia has canceled this agreement with the Artsakh victory, and every next day actually strengthens the new situation and the new political-military security system.

The secret plan of the Turkish attack as a political-military document is not something extraordinary in international relations.

The point is that the leak creates a new situation and gives Armenia a new argument to bring up political questions about canceling the agreement given a disclosed secret plan in a favorable geopolitical climate that has occurred.

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