Mehriban Aliyeva’s Dream: Help from Armenia


“I dream of listening to our mugham in Karabakh,” the first vice president of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has recently stated, who seems to be on her way to becoming the first face of Azerbaijan.

Mehriban Aliyeva’s post has angered the Armenian side though perhaps it is worth paying attention to her message between the lines.

In fact, Mehriban Aliyeva is offering the Azerbaijani people to dream of Karabakh. The difference is significant compared with his husband’s tenure lasting for almost twenty years. Over the past two decades Aliyev has been offering the Azerbaijanis to “attack”, prepare for a war to win, hate Armenians, contend to Karabakh.

Mehriban Aliyeva suggests “dreaming”, and between the lines is the subconscious desire to give up on the aspirations under the veil of the “mugham in Karabakh”.

Dreaming, as they say, is not harmful for one’s health. However, this is also a quite practical situation because direct aspiration is harmful for the health of both the public and the government of Azerbaijan. By the way, it is the threat of harm to health that forces the ruling system in Azerbaijan to go for a process of domestic change.

The fiasco of the offensive policy on Artsakh and the deadlock is what forced Azerbaijan to anyhow step back to avoid another crash into the wall. The logic of developments says that if Azerbaijan hits the wall of the Armenian army once again, it will lose Lele Tepe.

So from the political-military point of view it is safer for Azerbaijan to “dream” of Karabakh rather than aspire to Artsakh. The transformation from aspiration to dream is only possible through Mehriban Aliyeva. For Baku this is going to be a complicated and long process where Mehriban Aliyeva will need Armenian help.

Hence, the Armenian side must help deepen this dream, the wish to dream, raising the defense capacity and global competitiveness of Armenia because a lot depends on this whether Azerbaijan will dream or aspire.

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