Lustration of Armenian Cause: Turkey’s Preparing for Blackmail


The office of the Turkish president has announced to launch an English website on the Armenian genocide. The purpose of this website will be information support for the Turkish policy of denial. The website, according to the Turkish president’s office, will answer the questions and claims to Turkey on the Armenian genocide, including blaming the third countries for harming the Armenian-Turkish normalization.

Ankara’s decision describes in the best possible way Turkey’s alarms relating to the dynamics and level of circulation of the Armenian cause in the global political streams which was reflected in the unprecedented act adopted in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ankara can imagine that pressure will grow as a result of the transformation of world order.

At the end of the day, when Ankara sets up a website, the goal is apparently not denial. They could have done it without a website or with the available information resources. Apparently, Turkey is creating a tool for a centralized and coordinated “interaction” with the centers of power which have a significant role in the global political developments and which will have the “Armenian cause” in their arsenal.

Apparently, Ankara is preparing for an information war relating to the Armenian issue, moving forward from the issue of denial and trying to blame or share the blame for the crime against Armenians with the centers of power which did carry out a significant role now, as well as at the beginning of the past century.

Is Ankara preparing for a “geopolitical lustration” of the Armenian cause, preparing to position itself as an accomplice of the centers of power in the worst scenario, as soon as it is cornered for the Armenian cause?

The Turkish government has always brought up the circumstance of opening archives, perhaps hinting that it was the executioner, however, not only they did not stop it but also brought it closer to the victim for whatever reasons.

At the same time, the establishment of the new information tool is significant in the context that an important aspect of the Armenian issue that relates to the Russian-Turkish Treaty of Moscow is coming up. The point is that this treaty has been seen by Turkey as a big rock, with the weight of Russia, put on top of the Armenian cause, and Russia, in fact, assumed the obligation of suffocating the Armenian issue.

Whereas the Armenians shed the stone in the Artsakh direction, and in the following quarter of a century the efforts to return the stone to its place, onto the Armenian cause, not only failed but also ended in April 2016, and were sealed in April 2018.

In this situation, it is becoming more possible for Ankara that Moscow may give up on prolonging the Russian-Turkish treaty when in two years the treaty’s centennial term ends.

Apparently, Ankara is preparing for blackmail against Moscow. The plane downed at the Syrian border, then the ambassador shot dead in Ankara “worked”. Will Turkey’s blackmail succeed the third time?

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