Chair of Constitutional Court Charged with Misuse of Powers


The chair of the Constitutional Court of Armenia Hrair Tovmasyan has been charged with misuse of powers under Article 308 Para 2 of the Criminal Code of Armenia, the Special Investigative Service informed. Today the investigator of the SIS interviewed Hrair Tovmasyan in the Constitutional Court.

Tovmasyan’s charges are related to the charges of his godson Norair Panosyan. According to the SIS, facts of misuse of powers by Norair Panosyan, the head of the Inspectorate for Law Enforcement Control of the Ministry of Justice in 2011-2014, as well as other officials of the MoJ and Yerevan municipality, in the period when Hrair Tovmasyan was the minister of justice.

In 2012-2012 the aforementioned officials misused their powers and prevented notaries based in offices located in buildings owned by the state to register their right to free of charge occupancy of these offices on Baghramyan Avenue and Bagratunyats Street in Yerevan renovated on the expense of notaries, as defined by Article 91 Para 3 of the Law on Notaries, intending to obtain these properties themselves.

The Prosecutor General’s Office informed later that Hrair Tovmasyan has been indicted for using his powers to prevent notaries from exercising their right to use their offices free of charge, intending to obtain those properties. Afterwards, in order to cover up his right to possessing, handling and using the property for his personal intentions, he obtained the property in the name of another person. Starting from October 2013, he reached an agreement with two notaries on leasing the offices to them with an obviously unreasonable monthly fee of 800,000 AMD each, until April 2014.

In addition, in February 2012 Hrair Tovmasyan forced the Notarial Chamber to rent an office in the property de facto owned by him for a monthly fee of 300,000 AMD under a contract signed on 20 February 2012. Note that earlier the same premises had been rented by other persons for 50,000-85,000 AMD per month.

After signing the lease agreement under coercion, the offices owned de facto for Hrair Tovmasyan were renovated, and the amount of 2,467,000 AMD was spent from the budget of the Notarial Chamber, the Prosecutor General’s Office informed.

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