I Did Pronounce Names: Nikol Pashinyan on Hybrid Coup Preparations


In his press conference today Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan commented on a recent statement by the secretary of the National Security Council Armen Grigoryan on the attempt at a state coup.

“In the case of Armen Grigoryan’s statement we are dealing with a phenomenon of modern journalism which is called title reading. In other words, people usually read only the title, not the article. Armen Grigoryan did not make such a statement. Armen Grigoryan made statements from which the journalist drew such a conclusion. I want to say the following, the clarification of this issue is very important because the notions of coup, state coup, war and so on undergo deep changes over time. For example, there is such a term in the modern world as a hybrid war. In fact, there is an ongoing war but nobody can notice that. If we cite Armen Grigoryan’s statements precisely or try to interpret them, we will have a description of something hybrid. And if we state so, we can also call it as hybrid preparations for a coup. And now we can speak about it because the process was fully and finally defeated and beaten,” he said.

Pashinyan said that an indefeasible part of this is the spending of tens of millions of dollars to spread fake news about the head of state, his family, high-ranking officials through the press and the social media. In addition, this is done by way of involving the criminal world, different forces, corrupt persons. And the word “coup” fits in this process because as it goes on, it engages also current officials who, being part of the government, act against the government.

“It involves former officials, some representatives of the judicial system. In addition, at some point I was thinking that the entire judicial system is involved but time showed that this is not the case, there are just small groups. The Constitutional Court is involved, some officials who tried to involve the other members of the Constitutional Court in this process. However, I am happy to state that 80% of the members of the Constitutional Court are not involved in this process. But please don’t ask me to pronounce names because I pronounced names. Please allow me to avoid the displeasure of pronouncing certain names. Different judicial processes, frequent visits to different capital cities and frequent meetings with international organizations who served the corrupt government of Armenia from Europe for years. They served humbly the corrupt government of Armenia and are co-authors of certain points of usurpation of government because they kept quiet. Was their silent free of charge. It is possible that time will come and we will talk about those issues. Are the National Security Service and not only this security agency dealing with this? Yes, and they will continue to deal with this. As soon as we acquire sufficient evidence to hold people responsible, people will be held responsible. However, the purpose of the process is not to hold people responsible but to eliminate risks to the national security of Armenia. And these risks were eliminated several months ago,” he said.

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