What Will Prime Minister Sign with Hrair Tovmasyan’s Pen? A Crucial Stage in “Hybrid Revolution”


After announcing that Hrair Tovmasyan flattered him and offered his services, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented the proof, the pen of the chair of the Constitutional Court, also hinting that Tovmasyan passed his offers to him through the former director of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan.

The pen has produced a heavy impression, including on the circles which are loyal to the new government but not because the price of the pen on which the prime minister posted but as evidence presented. And this circumstance has become a new rationale of an information campaign and “evidence”. This campaign started a long time ago and is gradually becoming more organized and “focused”. In the beginning, it consisted of fake and manipulative information. Currently, it is deriving  “content” from the government’s behavior or rather its shortcomings. Some people say these shortcomings are the result of not beating the former system entirely. Others say no fundamental reforms have been carried out which would make the changes in Armenia irreversible.

What were the main points of the campaign? Those are: nothing has changed in Armenia, threats to Artsakh and security issues have grown. The purpose is clear – to cause lack of confidence in the public and deprive the government of legitimacy.

Nikol Pashinyan stated in his press conference that an attempt at a hybrid coup against the government was made which was beaten. On the other hand, after the press conference the situation seems to be close to a deciding stage of resistance. Calls are made to the ruling majority to elect a new prime minister or hand in the mandates before it is too late. The ruling majority never became a political team, which does not made these calls an end in itself.

The term ending in May is in the air. Who will manage what in this period?

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