Everybody Stepped Back: Referendum’s On


None of the political forces took on the responsibility for the campaign against the referendum relating to the composition of the Constitutional Court though almost all of them described the referendum as highly dangerous, even destructive and unconstitutional. Only a professional front seems to be forming which highlights rather than completes the gap of the political camp.

Here is an interesting picture – a destructive situation is pointed at but no resistance to it is organized, at least publicly. Are the political forces preparing for a “guerilla” fight, like several years ago the so-called non-governmental pole was preparing for and even declaring one? The outcome of that fight by that pole was the annexation of Armenia by the Eurasian Economic Union and the maturation of the April war a year ahead of which the pole was dismissed disgracefully. Moscow gave that right to Serzh Sargsyan, stating indirectly that those who think they could come to power in Armenia with the Kremlin’s support are clowns.

The right was given because it was clear that the wheel of the political-military aggression against Armenia was turning so quickly that it would not stop.

The “guerrilla” fight in Armenia has such a dangerous precedent. At the same time, if there is such a precedent, it means that there is also an understanding of the preventive mechanism, with the logic of the history class.

Apparently, with the same logic was the referendum chosen as a way of addressing the issue of the composition of the Constitutional Court. In this sense, the issue of the composition of the court is an occasion to use this important tool, with an intention to manage the situation determined by wider political needs.

The referendum, despite its outcome, is a step that blasts any logic of “political guerilla” with any domestic or external motive in Armenia.

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