Nikol Pashinyan Gave Terrible Example: Warning to Baku


“The current situation, the status quo that is in place today, this is the result of one thing – the Armenians of Karabakh decided and wants to defend its right to life. Not that they wanted to do harm to someone and deprive them of their homes but wanted to defend their right to life. No more, no less,” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during the meeting at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, in answer to the question of Azerbaijanis.

One of them said he was from Jebrayil but could not go to his native places. The Armenian prime minister recalled that there are a lot of natives of Shahumyan who cannot go to Shahumyan because there were ethnic cleansings there.

The issue of Shahumyan has never been used in Armenian diplomacy or was used very passively. Does Yerevan intend to boost this issue in its diplomatic arsenal or is this only a warning by the prime minister?

To question the status quo means to question the right of the Armenians of Artsakh to life and defense. This is what follows from the Armenian prime minister’s statement that the current situation, the current status quo is just the result of the fact that the Armenians of Artsakh wanted and wants to live protected.

The Armenian prime minister made this statement ahead of the opening of the Munich Security Conference where issues of international security will be discussed. The issue of Artsakh is an important issue of international security or rather the right of the people of Artsakh to life and defense is an issue of international security.

From this point of view, the example that Nikol Pashinyan gives – the glorification of Ramil Safarov in Azerbaijan – is symptomatic. This example is, on the one hand, a tragedy for the civilization aspect of the issue of Artsakh, and on the other hand, a vivid example of the connection between the life and security of the Armenians of Artsakh and the structure and essence of the international security system, despite a seeming lack of such direct connection.

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