Russia’s Unexpected Decision:What’s Kept in the Safe?


Russia’s prosecutor general’s office has decided to extradite Levon Sargsyan wanted by the Armenian police for organizing an attack. Levon Sargsyan is one of the odious representatives of the former government of Armenia who was arrested in Russia in November 2019.

Now they have a decision to extradite him, and since after the revolution Russia has actually sheltered or taken hostage several outstanding representatives of the former ruling system involved in different criminal cases, the decision to extradite Sargsyan is a little unexpected.

On the other hand, it is not clear yet whether this decision will be implemented or not. In particular, the decision may be appealed at the Russian court and cancelled. It is not clear yet whether Sargsyan’s advocates are going to appeal or not. This depends on how “political” the decision of the Russian prosecutor general’s office is. In its turn, this depends on several other factors. There is no doubt that the protection of those accused for the March 1 case is the political decision of Russia.

If there were a political decision to extradite Sargsyan, it would mean that he is of no interest for Russia and does not possess any information that needs to be kept in the “safe”.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to wait for further developments which will demonstrate the correlation of lawfulness and politics.

In this respect, a comparison is already made with the case of Mihran Poghosyan, the former head of the Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts Service. There is an essential difference though. Poghosyan was arrested, even remanded in custody but later the court set him free, and he was not extradited but there was no decision on his extradition. Of course, the Russian prosecutor general’s office noted that he will not be extradited because the grounds presented by the Armenian side are not complete.

Although, in this period, for example, four SU SM fighter jets were supplied from Russia which are more important for Armenia. By the way, it would be good if another four jets came from Russia instead of a former oligarch. Although, it is possible that his extradition might later have a multiplicative effect of “air dominance”.

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