Sedrak Asatryan. “Business and the business environment are being dismantled”


Sedrak Asatryan, Director of Concern-Dialogue Law Firm, commented on the recent developments around Ucom and its chairman Gurgen Khachatryan. Answering the question whether the state is following the path of dismantling the business without taking into account the social and economic consequences, he particularly noted.

“Unfortunately, yes. This is an unprecedented event in the last 20-25 years, where the Prime Minister’s spokesperson clearly states on behalf of the Prime Minister that the state will agree to alienate the company’s shares on one condition, if the money enters the state budget.”

According to the lawyer, the public has a wrong perception about this process. Namely,if the money is transferred to the budget, it is not a crime.

“I hope that our government is familiar with Article 162 of the Constitution, which clearly states that justice is carried out in Armenia by the courts. It is forbidden for anybody to interfere with justice, be it legislative, executive, etc.,”he said.

The speaker noted that this process of taking away and dismantling businesses is not new by any means for the “New” Armenia. As an example, he reminded the incident about “Spayka” company.

“We are fighting against the fact that detention, especially in economic crimes, should not be chosen as a precautionary measure. It destroys business, the business environment, and hinders the investment process,” said Sedrak Asatryan, adding that one day someone will say “the king is naked.”

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