New Price of Gas Confirmed Today


The Public Services Regulatory Commission has confirmed the new price of gas today.

Gazprom Armenia had proposed an average 283USD for 1000 cubic meters. The Public Services Regulatory Commission proposed 266․7 USD instead of the current average price of 255USD. According to the decision of the PSRC, only the price of gas for underprivileged families remains the same. The proposal of PSRC was approved.

The general director of Gazprom Armenia Hrant Tadevosyan told reporters that the new price will be effective starting from July 19. An exception will be made for greenhouses. For them the new prices will be effective from August 1. Since Gazprom Armenia’s application was confirmed partly, starting from July 19 1000 staff members will be laid off.

Commenting on the high salaries of the management, Tadevosyan said they are 10. “I announce that considering this difficulty, I sent a letter to Gazprom’s leadership about 15 days ago about decreasing my salary. I am waiting for their reply. For those 10 people, I will decrease their salaries,” he said. The other staff members will also have issues, Tadevosyan said.

The first major layoff will be among inspectors. “There is no need for such work by law, therefore I suppose that 50% of inspectors will be laid off. I think it is about 700-800 people,” he said.

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