Robert Kocharyan’s at Home: Will It Start or Will There Be A Surprise?


Robert Kocharyan’s Facebook page posted a picture with a status update: “At home.” And though prior to releasing him on bail the court had ruled hospitalization, in the picture he looks quite cheerful, even though his office informed that he had to visit the clinic regularly.

Robert Kocharyan is at home by virtue of the court decision which released him on a bail of 2 billion drams.

Robert Kocharyan’s counsels regularly submitted motions for releasing him from custody since the start of the trial of March 1, which has delayed the process for months.

On the one hand, this tactic was understandable. On the other hand, it was bizarre because the trial is the best process for Robert Kocharyan to prove that everything ascribed to him is groundless, as he and his counsels claim.

Currently he is at home. The prosecutor has announced that they will apply to the Court of Cassation. If the complaint is granted, and Robert Kocharyan returns to prison, the endless motions for releasing him will resume. There are suggestions that the second president may avoid trial and flee from Armenia, like other former officials.

However, judging by his statements, fleeing from Armenia would mean leaving forever and closing the page of his political career in Armenia.

And if he remains in Armenia and at large, does it mean that the trial of March 1 will resume at last? Robert Kocharyan has announced that he will not run away and will attend the court sessions responsibly.

It seems that nothing should prevent the process from starting which must eventually give the public a possibility for a holistic and possibly transparent examination of the March 1 events. It should give a possibility to understand what happened on those days, what mechanisms and schemes were deployed leading to a tragedy. A tragedy not only in the sense of a crime of killing ten people which must be prosecuted but also a key point in time which further predetermined or even exploited the course of political and public development.

Will the riddle be resolved, or will there be surprises?

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