The Perks of Working in a Digital Agency


Stay with a full-time job or go freelance? You might be wondering why some professionals would even choose to work in an agency in the modern era of freelancing. Nowadays employees seek a more flexible working life, thus freelancing becomes increasingly attractive. Attractive, yet not perfect. Working for yourself is not as idyllic as many people think. Freelancing is very common, but a simple question always arises: Why do the industry leaders not prefer to go freelance, but be an employee of an agency?  There are some aspects that are highly valued in office life. A research by ProDigi digital marketing agency, which is one of the industry leaders in Armenia offering worldwide services, helped us to find the answers to this question. They shared with us a few benefits and insights on how the work-life differs in a digital agency.

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people

This is a well-known quote by Steve Jobs, which never seems to get old. Thus collaboration plays a critical role in digital marketing success enhancing the connection between team members. You know if you have an idea on the tip of your tongue but can’t communicate it effectively your team is always there to help you. In creative agencies, your colleagues have your back, and you have the luxury to bounce ideas off your colleagues when you heat the creative block or you get a client you can’t handle.

In a digital agency you can’t solely concentrate on your part of the job. When you focus only on your job you give up the chance to learn what’s going on in other areas and think about how it could be applied in your sphere. Being an agency employee you should keep your finger on the pulse of all the trends in marketing services. For example, video production has so many styles and as a digital marketing specialist you should be able to tell the difference between explainer and promotional videos and know when to use them.

You develop better time-management skills

If cheetahs were able to do digital marketing instead of running, the agency would be a perfect place for them. As that is how fast you need to be in a digital agency. On one hand, you listen to the demands of clients, and on the other hand turn them into tasks for the other specialists. And everyone needs their result right at that exact moment. And if you can’t manage to develop your time management skills and prioritize tasks and requirements, most likely your work in an agency will turn into hell.

Time management skills are of paramount importance when you’re working for clients from different countries, where the requirements, standards and time zones are different. So as a project manager your time-management skills need to be on point and you have to be well prepared (like those cheetahs).

It’s not easy to juggle work and personal life. When you don’t have a schedule, no clock ticking or office to commute, the line between work and life can get blurry. In the workplace it’s easier to deliver the work on time, yet providing a better quality of work. You get more productivity and efficiency and less procrastination. The “I will do it later” options go out of the plan resulting in your time for leisure and recreation.

Your skillset is never outdated

Being a freelancer sometimes can be time-consuming, as there are some aspects of your work-life that full-time employees don’t have to deal with. As a result, you don’t have enough time to spend on upskilling your digital marketing abilities. And working in a digital agency allows you to acquire fresh practical knowledge on a weekly basis. Client facing employees develop the sharpest communication and negotiation skills, so you acquire the top-level skills. While freelancing usually results in the opposite.  Staying in tune with the latest innovations and advancements of technology is so important that many agencies offer continuous learning opportunities as a part of the job.

All in all nowadays you can’t state which career path is a better one because there are countless job opportunities and diverse personalities. The important thing is to find the place where you feel you belong to. Now you know a little bit more about what you’re getting by stepping into the agency life. Hopefully, this article will be a little help to you in making or changing your decisions.

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