Hrair Tovmasyan Isn’t Chair of Constitutional Court from Tomorrow: What to Expect?



Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan has signed the amendments to the Constitution and published them in the official gazette. Under the constitutional amendments adopted by the parliamentary majority, tomorrow the office of three judges ends, and Hrair Tovmasyan will stop being chair of the Constitutional Court.

Prosperous Armenia Party initiated a petition to dispute this act at the Constitutional Court. While they were missing one signature, the spotlight was on Bright Armenia parliamentary group. However, Bright Armenia Party announced that the Constitutional Court will be hearing the application of Robert Kocharyan on July 7, and they will sign the petition only after that. Kocharyan’s advocates withdrew their application announcing that they will thus remove this obstacle to the parliamentary process, as if crossing out this excuse for Bright Armenia. However, Bright Armenia announced that the advocates are juggling and withdrawing the application does not mean that the case will not be examined on July 7. Moreover, Bright Armenia said that during the day the Constitutional Court may cancel the discussion of this issue scheduled on July 7, and their condition is valid.

The task of Kocharyan’s advocates is clear. The Constitutional Court with its current constitution may pass a decision in their favor. However, starting from tomorrow, according to the constitutional amendments passed by the National Assembly, there will be less by three judges, and Hrair Tovmasyan will no longer be chair of the Constitutional Court. These four judges have made a statement expressing their disobedience to the decision of the National Assembly. Earlier they announced that they will continue to go to work and they think that ending their office is anti-constitutional.

What should be expected at the Constitutional Court on June 26? If they go to work, will there be consequences. For example, will it be deemed as usurpation? Or will the police control the entrance and prevent them from getting into the building?

All these developments relating to the Constitutional Court seem to be close to a denouement. On the other hand, it may spur certain domestic developments. However, from the very beginning, it was a legal dispute and process only partly, deep down it was a wider circle of domestic and foreign issues.

Today the prime minister made statements at the parliament which seem to leave no room for retreat, and the domestic developments will take the path of acute confrontation and regrouping.

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