Nobody Has Recorded that My Tenure Ended: Judge Gyulumyan


The deputy chair of the Constitutional Court Alvina Gyulumyan went to the Constitutional Court on Friday, following the adoption of amendments to the Constitution according to which her tenure ended together with two other judges.

“The issue is regulated in a specific way. None has recorded yet that my tenure has ended. The constitutional norm has been adopted but there is a law on the Constitutional Court which regulates the organization and operation of the Constitutional Court. In this case we continue to work by virtue of law. In court, when someone’s tenure has ended, a resolution is adopted which affirms the fact of end of tenure of the person. As of now there is no such document. And neither you, nor me can be fired based on statements,” Alvina Gyulumyan announced.

“Of the constitutional norms only the norms on human rights are effective immediately. The other norms become effective after relevant legislative enforcement,” Gyulumyan said. He repeated that they will defend their rights in court. If they see that there are no national courts on this matter, they will apply to ECHR.

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